What is a Battery Change Service?

This is a chargeable, complete maintenance service. Many customers, especially those who wish to ensure the long-term water-resistance of their watch, particularly appreciate this service. Some customers prefer to let our warranty lapse, and have their watch serviced locally. This decision is completely at your discretion.

Our Battery Change Service includes:

  • Supplying and installing a fresh, high quality battery of the correct specification
  • Checking all seals/ o-rings and lubricating/flipping/replacing them as necessary
  • Resealing the watch and testing it to ensure proper waterproof seal to original specs.
  • Recording details of the service for warranty-tracking purposes

** The cost of shipping & insurance to return the watch to you is not included in the Battery Change Service fee.

Battery Change Service?

    1. Ensures your watch is professionally serviced.
    2. Guarantees ongoing water-resistant performance.
    3. Ensures that the correct specification, original parts are used for any repairs.
    4. Nobody knows your watch better than we do.

      Local Service?

        1. May have lower initial cost (no shipping & insurance costs, no service record tracking, etc.)
        2. May be quicker. (no delay while the watch is in transit to our Service Centre)

          BUT… please note that having your watch serviced elsewhere will void our warranty. Local battery or repair shops do not have original parts (e.g. no replacement crystals, replacement bands, etc), and rarely offer an ongoing guarantee of water-resistance (no machine to test this).

          What will it cost?

          A Battery Change Service generally costs $20 – $40. Most customers send their watch directly to our closest Service Center. Should you wish to have your local dealer send in the watch for you, there may be a nominal extra charge added, to cover the dealer’s out-of-pocket expense in shipping the watch on your behalf.

          For more information

          Please contact your closest Roots Service Centre for assistance. If you reside in North America, please call us toll free at (800) 663-1881, Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm Pacific Time or email roots@momentumwatch.com

          How to send in your watch for service.

          Download and print out the appropriate service form. (This gives you full instructions and the addresses of the nearest Roots Service Centres.)

          English: ROOTS Service Form

          French: ROOTS Formulaire Service

          What will it cost?

          Every repair is a little different, so we need to receive your watch and evaluate it, before we can give you a final price…. but you can check our Service Price Guidelines for an approximate idea as to what your repair might cost.

          Some pointers for sending in a watch:

          1. Send it to the correct Service Center (see Service Locations).
          2. Address it to “The Service Center”. We recommend that you do not include reference to “Watches” or “Roots” on the outside of the package, as this increases the risk of theft in transit.
          3. Do not enclose the original gift box, as this simply increases the shipping weight and cost, but do package the watch carefully to prevent damage in transit. (e.g. wrap in bubble wrap).
          4. Ensure that the package is adequately insured and if possible obtain a tracking number. We are not responsible or liable for any damaged items or lost parcels while in transit to one of our facilities.
          5. Include a copy of the original purchase receipt.
          6. Whenever shipping your watch across any international border, you must indicate “returning product to manufacturer for repair & return only. Value for customs purposes only. No commercial value.” You are responsible for all duties, taxes, freight or other fees associated with shipping your watch to our Service Centres. Failure to do so may result in refusal of the package.
          7. If you do not use our Service & Repair Form (above), please ensure that you provide us with your name, contact details and a brief explanation of the repair or service required. Including your email address will prevent delays by allowing us to contact you quickly, if necessary.

          2-Year Warranty

          Roots watches models have a 2 year warranty from date of purchase. You must retain your purchase receipt for proof of warranty (this will be required for all warranty work). All of our watches are guaranteed to be free from defects in manufacture for an initial period of at least 2 years (see manual for details).

          What is covered?

          • Any manufacturing defects.
          • The accuracy and reliability of the watch movement.
          • The waterproof performance of the watch.

          What is not covered?

          • Water damage caused by failure to screw in the crown correctly.
          • Batteries*
          • Crystals
          • Bands and bracelets
          • Damage caused by normal wear-and-tear or aging.
          • Damage caused by abuse, misuse or accidents.
          • Watches opened or serviced by anyone other than our Factory- or Authorized Service Centers.

          * (Battery life can vary significantly, depending on how long the dealer has a watch in stock prior to sale, use of alarms, backlights, etc., therefore it is impossible to guarantee battery life.)

          Are you able to service older Roots Watches?

          Effective January 2014 Momentum became the official supplier of Roots watches. If you have a Roots watch that was purchased prior to January 2014, we will do our best to provide service for these Roots watches. If for some reason we are unable to service your watch we will provide you with options that will hopefully meet your needs. If you have any questions regarding the servicing of pre-2014 Roots watches please contact us at roots@momentumwatch.com or toll free 1 (800) 663-1881.