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Vision / Night Vision [47mm] - Momentum Watches US

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Deep 6 Vision SE [47mm] - Momentum Watches US

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Black-Ion Case

All Deep 6 Vision models feature a 47mm black-ion steel case. The shape of the case allows the watch to fit well on a range of wrists. It is the perfect blend of bold and inconspicuous.

Unique Dials

The faces of the Visions are what sets them apart. If you have sharp eyes, the Deep 6 Vision features a black-on-black "stealth" face. If you prefer a more legible, hi-contrast dial with classic green luminous, take a look at the Deep 6 Night Vision with a wave-textured dial, or the Deep 6 Vision SE with distinctive "shark-tooth" indices.

Screw-Down Crown

The screw down crown helps the Deep 6 achieve a 200M depth-rating for confidence in the water. The 4 o'clock, off-set position of the crown also ensures a "no-bite", more comfortable fit on the wrist.

Deep 6 Vision and Night Vision

Bold, yet stealthy.

Deep 6 Vision SE

Shark tooth indices, but the watch won't bite.


Beautiful Watch!

I thought I might not be able to tell time at night, but for a watch so cool, it was worth the inconvenience. Truth is, I can see the hands at night. This may be the most unique and coolest watch ever. This is my second Momentum watch. The other is about 7 years old and still looks new with the sapphire crystal- That is highly recommended, holds up through the years without a scratch.

- Daniel B.

Best Looking Watch I Have Ever Owned

This is easily the best looking watch I have ever owned.... Fit and finish is extremely good. The band is nice and thick, bezel rotates smoothly with nice tactile feedback. The face is large, but I'm a large guy and prefer larger watches. I really like the crown at the 4 o'clock position too. So far hasn't lost a single sec.

- Luke J.

Very Nice Watch!

This watch was my first experience with Momentum and I was pleasantly surprised. The watch is well made and very good quality for the money. Easy to read, keeping good time and very comfortable. I would recommend.

- Jake

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